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No swimming underneath the inflatables. 

The inflatables are huge and heavy with large chains if you swim underneath them you could get trapped and drown. Anyone who swims underneath an inflatable will be removed from the park without refund. 

Must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Anyone who is under the influence of any alcohol or drugs will be removed from the park immediately and not refunded. 

Must be a fit strong swimmer: 

This park is designed specifically for people who are strong confident swimmers. 

Look before you jump or slide: 

It is important before you jump/slide you check the coast is clear. 

One at a time up ladders and no walking down the ladders. 

Please go around the obstacle course in a clockwise direction. 

Please do not go on the park if you currently have an injury or health condition. 


Bring valuables such as: Jewellery, watches, go pro's and phones on the park at your own risk. The water is deep and there is no way of retrieving the valuables if you lose them. 

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